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a talent Search and PR boutique


Unconventional Approach.
Impactful Results.

We are a Talent Search and Public Relations firm dedicated to accelerating the growth of disruptive technology companies.

At CxO we do things differently not just because we want to be different but because in today’s world finding the best talent or getting out the best message requires new approaches. Also as a boutique firm - your needs will only be met by our senior team and never handed down to junior associates.

We are happy to share our approach and also discuss how we can help you and your business.


Global Clients.
Local Service.

Proud to have served these clients and many more:

Search Specialities


It’s a war for top technology talent and your success depends on who has the best of it. It is not available on job boards. Relationships and trust must be built to meet over time to understand their individual drivers to match this unrealised potential with your business needs.

  • VC’s (portfolio companies)

  • Technology Startups (incl blockchain)

  • Cybersecurity (Cloud)

  • Cloud (Public / Private)

E- commerce & Logistics

We are insiders in the industry with a global network of the most innovative talent in logistics and transportation. Having worked on a few transformational projects, we know how to help our clients to turn around the way they operate and reinvent themselves with the right executive team.

  • Purchasing & Supply Chain

  • Shipping & Logistics

  • Ports & Terminals. Infrastructure

Anything complicated, Change management

Boards and HR Directors want committed, collaborative partners who are not shy on innovation. The more challenging is the task you put in front of us, the better we perform.

We like to solve puzzles and think out of the box! What gives you headache and affects your performance today?

  • Innovative executives

  • Advisors & Non-Exec Board Members

PR focus on technology disruptive companies

We have experience putting company leaders on stages of biggest conferences worldwide and helped company leaders get interviews with major global technology, business, financial media outlets.