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Problem: Our client, an investment holding with China angle running an award-winning platform, connecting leading brands in Asia with B2B growth stage start-ups, using advanced technologies targeting the largest global consumer and retail brands in fashion, luxury, beauty/cosmetics, FMCG and agencies. One of the portfolio companies had an immediate need to expand its' presence in APAC due to the successful traction in China and a growing interest in this region. The current clientele includes Zara, Cartier, Estee Lauder, and Amore Pacific.
Based in Shanghai, the client started a search for a sales representative as their first hire in Singapore with a plan to hire an APAC CEO in the following year to lead the overall platform development. After struggling to find a candidate via the job posts and own network for six months, the issue became urgent. We were referred by one of the investors of the holding.

Solution: After one call with the client, where we received a brief about the strategy and the problem statement, we introduced three candidates within a month. They all could drive APAC sales but had different caliber and background. This gave our client confidence and a few options to choose from. After three interviews, the client decided to hire one of them as a CEO for APAC due to his seniority level, allowing to drive the development in the region and taking care about building the sales team for the platform.

CxO showed they care about our business success and pushed us where necessary to make things happen to secure the candidate we liked the most. The value we have received is beyond finding a candidate for the primary role. During the initial discussion, we have changed our search criteria, trusting Juliet’s expertise and were happy with the solution, as found a partner for APAC who will take care of the business growth entirely.
— CEO of an investment holding

Tailor-made project under time pressure

A new shareholder acquired the biggest transportation group in Russia, which was managed by the same owner for 25 years. CxO was recommended to the President of the Group who was in his role for almost two years post-acquisition. He was completing a new organisational structure to make it leaner and transform existing corporate culture into more client-centric and collaborative. For a year before that, he was interviewing candidates through a few reputable international firms and was not satisfied with the potential hires.

Solution: After discussing the challenges, one of our consultants was offered to take over this assignment, moving to their HQ due to the time pressure to complete the restructuring and change 6 VP’s.

Within three months we have successfully placed CEO VP, who later became a President of the Group and is still with the client since 2014, a Group Sales Director in Moscow, a Head of a Shipping Line in Hong Kong and a CEO for a new oil terminal in Rotterdam. For two other roles, we have recommended internal promotions as they were the best candidates compared with the external talent pool.

CxO has helped us to revamp the whole management structure by placing four C-level executives in Hong Kong, Moscow, and Rotterdam. It was done in a highly professional manner, despite the time pressure and a harsh, challenging environment. Juliet also became a trusted advisor in this process.

KYC (Know your CUSTOMER) and the power of a direct search

Large retail privately owned company (42 stores, 56 000 sqm of gross space, more than 2000 headcount) was looking for a new CEO to transform their business - change the organisational structure, improve gross margin and operational profit, boost the e-commerce sales and develop a new store concept.

After six months of the search, HR with an extensive network of c-suite candidates from her previous role with an international executive search firm had no success in closing the position, even after engaging two external recruiters. While we discussed another search assignment for the company, HR offered us to take on the CEO search. Even though retail is not our domain expertise, we knew the client’s business and culture well, together with the details of the transformation they were undergoing and wanted to support them.

Solution: After a week of the research, we presented two fitting candidates. As the client has already interviewed the entire market, it didn't take long, and within two weeks one of them met the owner and was confirmed by the Board of Directors. He stayed with the company for three years and had successfully delivered the results.

Juliet helped us to close an important role and managed to do it very quick and efficient. We would love to work with her on other projects.
— HR of a large private retail company