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CxO moderates Manufacturing & Logistics Panel at INSEAD AI Forum


On April 13th there was a great event happening at INSEAD Campus in Singapore - AI Forum.

Right before that, the Government of Singapore has released their intentions to invest over $700 million into AI. 

Over $500 million will be set aside to build up artificial intelligence systems and meet national cyber-security needs, plus boosting Singapore's supercomputing capabilities and fund the deployment of robots and automation. Another $80 million will go towards ramping up cell manufacturing capabilities for cell therapy - hailed as the future of medicine. And $144 million will be invested in food research, including urban farming and lab-grown meat.

CxO got involved helping to assemble the panel of below honored speakers:

  • Johan de Villiers - ABB, Managing Director South East Asia

  • Scott Hunter - Microsoft, Regional Business Lead Manufacturing & Resources APAC

  • Drew Perez - Adatos.AI, Managing Director

  • Luis F. Gonzalez - ElementAI, Managing Director APAC

Moderator: Juliet Kasko, CxO Executive Search, PitchLab

In-focus session with the use case was done by Luis F. Gonzalez, Managing Director APAC at ElementAI

You can see the video of a panel and the use case here using the password: aiforum2019sng