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Getting to know your business, culture and the current team mix is essential for an excellent search outcome which is why we invest the time to understand. Acquiring a new executive hire can have a cultural impact on the company, and we want to make sure that it is a positive impact. It’s essential for us to get this understanding before starting the search as we know the importance of getting executive hires right the first time.


The main KPI of many recruitment firms is how much time they spend on a candidate interview. If you do not fit “the box” for the current project, there is no sense to spend time trying to understand your aspirations and what drives you — or even meeting you. We know how frustrating it is to be treated as a commodity.

We remember that we impact people’s lives. We do care and take it personally!

  • Majority of the clients are referred through our network, returning with the new roles

  • Candidates are getting back in touch for the new opportunities when the previous assignment is over

  • Our placements staying in the company incredibly long

Our professional match-making magic works!