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When you're ready for a different perspective

Career Coaching

It's an in-depth conversation about your professional path and the main aspirations of your career.


Executive Career Coaching

We will go through your professional experience in details, guiding you in the process of hypothesising about other possible selves. Together, we will identify a few alternatives to the current role/type of engagement, industry, etc. Our expertise is essential, but it's your future. As a result of this session, you will get a few insights about your professional value and where such skills are in demand. Such experience also helps to feel ready to highlight your achievements at best in future interviews.

We will not rewrite your CV for you, but such a conversation helps to rethink its' structure and the key elements to display, based on our expertise.


Executive Career Coaching, BG5 Angle

Same as above, with the elements of Human Design Business Analysis to get an additional insight on what is correct for you. A discovery of such a tailor-made decision-making process may become a totally transforming experience not only for your professional life. 

You can find more information about Human Design and the comments from HR professionals at


Get to Know Us

If you feel more comfortable meeting us before booking a session, come over for a cup of tea or coffee.

- Do you feel like you are NOT growing as fast as you imagined?
- Have you thought that a person with amazing life experience and excellent listening skills will help you MORE than psychotherapists?
- Are you looking for PRO career advice?

If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions - let me introduce an outstanding life coach, career mentor, and professional executive search expert - Juliet Kasko. Without ever claiming her opinion directly - she was able to shift my picture of the world. I feel like I came to all the necessary conclusions by myself - however, I know I didn’t.
Thank you, Juliet!
— Michael, Senior Executive

If you're based in Singapore, the meeting is at my office @WeWork City House (36 Robinson Road).
For calls please use ZOOM.