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Stay safe with Jorge


Thanks to our work, we are honored to talk to many outstanding professionals, and we nurture these relationships for years, even if sometimes we cannot make it public, to retain their trust.

One of such remarkable people is Jorge Rodriguez, a mysterious ethical hacker, and influencer. He works with projects globally, interacting only via e-channels - no calls, meetings, etc. His mission is to keep peer-to-peer transactions safe and to keep public informed about the threats and vulnerabilities that might affect them, whether it’s a new Android/Apple release or Google update. You don’t need to be an IT professional to benefit from this information.

On his profile, he shares a vision that security should become something like the human immune system, which will receive attacks and automatically learn from them to protect themselves.

In his recent post, Jorge announced a new, more convenient way to follow him now on news/information telegram channel about cybersecurity, technology, and economy (both cryptocurrency and stock exchange), stressing that no type of promotion of services / products / projects is accepted.

Juliet Kasko